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Please Help Zachary McCulloch on April 16, 2008

There will be a Culver’s night on April 16, 2008 to benefit Zach McCulloch and his family. It is the Culver's in Plainfield, IL at Route 59 and 135th Street. Please try to come out, and tell all your friends and neighbors.

Plainfield resident and local athlete, Zachary McCulloch was stricken with a rare form of cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma. This cancer is diagnosed in approximately 350 children each year, the majority under 6 years of age. Teenagers and adults would represent about 40 of this total a year (rarest of the rare). Rhabdomyosarcoma is a highly malignant and relentless cancer. Zachary is now going into his third year of treatment. The family remained very anonymous during the first two years and tried to use the resources they had rather than ask for help financially. Now as they start the third year, the burden of carrying this financial weight has become overwhelming. Although the prognosis for a relapse of this type of cancer is not favorable, there still is hope.


Zachary just spent 36 straight days in the hospital and still has many more to come. Zachary has been up to the challenge and continues to beat the odds. Any help for this family in need and part of our Plainfield community would be greatly appreciated. If you wish to read more and follow Zachary’s journey please go to After you reach this site, create a user login, password and enter your information. After logging in, enter in the search function SublimeLBC. After this point updates are automatically sent through to your registered e-mail address.

Here are a couple of ways you can help:

Kathy Lopez is planning meals for every Tuesday and Thursday for the months of April, June and July. If anyone is interested in participating just let her know as she has some open spots.

Please e-mail subject: “Meals for Zach” to:


National City Bank at 135th Street and Rt. 59 is accepting and holding donations. Send donations to :

Zachary McCulloch Benefit Fund
National City Bank
24821 W. 135th Street
Plainfield, IL 60544


Click on the following link for more information and other ways to help the McCulloch family:


Zachary’s sports career began in Bloomington, IL where he played both soccer and football.

After moving to Plainfield in 2001, Zachary gave up soccer to focus on football. He played football for the Plainfield Junior Cats Gold Varsity Heavyweights under the leadership of coaches Joe Hogan and Kevin Voda. He ultimately helped the team win the Superbowl Championship.

Upon his arrival at Plainfield Central High School, he joined the freshman football team. With school district changes, Zachary was forced to change high schools in his sophomore year and ended up at Plainfield North High School. Zachary’s hard work paid off and he landed the starting position of Offensive Guard under the coaching leadership of John Darlington.

In the middle of his sophomore season, the headaches and symptoms of his illness began to unfold. At first, his family and those around him thought he was displaying the typical “attitude” issues common to most teenagers. Zachary left the football team late in the season due to his loss of desire and his inability to focus. His lack of focus eventually ended up affecting his schoolwork and home life. His family searched for answers, but was not prepared for what was to become the fight of their lives.

Diagnosed with cancer, Zachary’s football career ended abruptly and he began a battle with the silent monster inside his body. He battles daily with doctors, hospitals, chemotherapy, tests, fatigue and frustration. Through it all, he continues to fight.

He still roots for his favorite teams; The Chicago Bears, The Indiana Pacers, The Detroit Tigers, The Detroit Red Wings and his favorite college teams from The University of Michigan.

Everyone who knows Zachary wishes him the very best and hopes that he will soon conquer the beast called cancer.

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