Friday, April 4, 2008

Reinstate Plainfield North High School Principal Dr. Peter Pasteris

District 202 has, again, disregarded the wishes of students and parents. They lied to us about "family friendly' re-districting boundries. They split families and put siblings in different high schools. How is this "family friendly"?

And now, after a few private meetings, the school board voted to dismiss Dr. Peter Pasteris as principal of Plainfield North High School. This despicable board of education completed their witch hunt and fired Dr. Pasteris with no publicly disclosed reasons.

Here are a few of the accomplishments of this "mediocre" principal:

(1) PNHS has higher grade scores than the other three high schools

(2) PNHS has the highest enrollment

(3) PNHS has the highest state test scores

(4) PNHS has the most advanced placement classes

(5) PNHS students and parents respect and admire Dr. Pasteris

(6) Dr. Pasteris attends a multitude of school functions

(7) Dr. Pasteris has an open door policy with students, teachers and parents

(8) Dr. Pasteris continually shows his dedication to the school and its students

What more could you possibly want from a school administrator? Are we striving for excellence or mediocrity?

Enough is enough. District 202 is out of control and we need to voice our concerns.


An online petition has been created and your support and signatures are most appreciated. As of 4/15/08, there are 448 signatures.

"Reinstate Dr. Peter Pasteris - PNHS Principal"

This is an important cause and you are encouraged to add your signature, too. It's free and takes less than a minute of your time.

If you would like to read comments by some parents and students, please follow this link:

It is time to research the viabilty of impeaching some of the school board members and rid ourselves of Dr. Harper.

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