Friday, January 20, 2012

Plainfield Junior Cats Football & Cheer Registration 2012


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Walk In Registration This Saturday!

Plainfield Junior Cats.


Plainfield’s Premier Youth Football, Cheer & Pom Organization celebrates its 40th anniversary with the 2012 Season.

Beginning This Saturday ….

Walk-In Registration for Football, Cheer & Pom will be take place at:


24401 W. Lockport St., Plainfield, Il.

Walk-In Registration Dates/Times:

January 21, 2012 9am-12pm
February 18, 2012 9am-12pm
March 17, 2012 9am-12pm


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For Travel Cheer & Pom questions contact Kim Ourada

For In-House Cheer questions contact Lisa Marshall

For Travel Football questions contact Mark Kosloskus

For In-House Football questions contact Mike Decker

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Plainfield Athletic Club - Spring Baseball/Softball Registration 2012

Spring 2012 Baseball / Softball Registration

Registration for the Spring 2012 Season is OPEN.

Plainfield Athletic Club Web Site

If you wish to register in-person, registrations will be accepted at our November, December, January, and February Board meetings. Otherwise, registration is available on-line.

Based on child's age on 1/1/2012
SWS – 18U 15 thru 18 1/1/93 to 12/31/96 $220 NO
14U Fast Pitch 13 &14 1/1/97 to 12/31/98 $210 NO
12U Fast Pitch 11 & 12 1/1/99 to 12/31/00 $170 YES
10U Fast Pitch 9 & 10 1/1/01 to 12/31/02 $160 YES
8U Fast Pitch 7 & 8 1/1/03 to 12/31/04 $150 YES
Coach Pitch 5 & 6 1/1/05 to 7/31/07 $150 YES

Based on child's age on 4/30/2012
Colt/Palomino 15 thru 18 5/1/93 to 4/30/97 $220 NO
Pony 13 & 14 5/1/97 to 4/30/99 $210 NO
Bronco 11 & 12 5/1/99 to 4/30/01 $170 YES
Mustang 9 & 10 5/1/01 to 4/30/03 $160 YES
Pinto 7 & 8 5/1/03 to 4/30/04 $150 YES
Maverick 6 & 7 5/1/04 to 4/30/05 $150 YES
Coach Pitch 5 & 6 5/1/05 to 7/31/07 $150 YES

6 y.o.’s default to Coach Pitch - parents decide if 6 y.o’s are able to play up at Maverick Level,

7 y.o.’s default to Maverick – parents decide if 7 y.o.’s are able to play up at Pinto Level

If you wish to move your son to either Pinto or Maverick, Register and then email the Registrations Director at requesting the change

Coach Pitch - Developmental - 5 and 6 year olds - Introductory level for boys interested in baseball, this level teaches the basics of throwing, catching, hitting and base running. The emphasis is on teaching and fun since scores nor standings are kept.

Maverick - Developmental - 6 and 7 year olds - Introduction to the Pinto League with modified Pinto rules. Maverick starts the season with coach pitch and then converts to player pitch. This allows coaches to develop pitching in the first half of the season. This level is for 6 year olds who understand baseball fundamentals and want more competition than Coach Pitch and it is for 7 year olds who may not be ready for a full season of player pitch and the competition at the Pinto level.

Pinto - Competitive - 7 and 8 year olds - Pinto is for players looking for a higher level of development and competition but focus still on teaching the game. Scores and standings kept, playoffs at year end, full season of player pitch.

*In addition, there is a $50 per family activity fee



Are you interested in becoming a manager for the 2012 Baseball/Softball season? Download appropriate application below and email to the VP of Baseball or VP of Softball:



Plainfield Athletic Club Web Site

2012 Spring Softball Season

The spring season for softball will start on Saturday 4-21-12 and run till the end of June. Each team will play 1 game during the weekday starting at 5:45 pm or 7:45 pm and 1 game on Saturday. We will not play any games on Friday through Monday of Memorial weekend. Playoffs will be the last two weeks of June. Any rainouts during the season will be played when there is field space potentially even on Sundays. If you have other questions about the season, please contact the VP of softball at

Next Board Meeting

We meet on the second Monday of each month, unless otherwise stated. The next board meeting is scheduled for 6:30 pm on Monday, February 13th, at Timber Ridge Middle School.


Just a reminder that the PAC will not issue helmets to teams for batting this season. Each player is responsible to provide their own helmet(NOCSAE approved). Also all girls softball players must have a cage on the front of the helmet and all boys ages 10 and under must also have a cage.

Eich's Sports located at 143rd & Van Dyke already have their 2011 helmets in stock for sale. If you have any questions about your helmet needs please contact Eich's Sports at 815-436-3771

Plainfield Athletic Club Web Site

Plainfield Athletic Club - Next Board Meeting February 13, 2012 - 6:30 PM

Next Board Meeting

We meet on the second Monday of each month, unless otherwise stated. The next board meeting is scheduled for 6:30 pm on Monday, February 13th, at Timber Ridge Middle School.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Plainfield Soccer Association - Spring 2012 Recreation Season Registration

Spring 2012 Recreation Season Registration

To Register for the Spring 2012 Recreation program, please click here!

General Information

The Spring 2012 season games will begin on April 14th. The coaches will receive their rosters at the coaches meeting which will be held the 3rd week of March. Coaches will contact their teams at that time.


The cost of the Spring season is $105 per player plus a $15 Park District Service Fee. Visa and Mastercard are accepted through a secured site when registering online. Checks are also an accepted form of payment for online registration. Please make checks payable to PSA. There is a $25 fee for all returned checks.

Registration Dates

Registration will be available online from January 9th through February 5th. We will be holding one in person registration. In person registration will be held at Just For Kicks on January 21st from 8:00am - 3:00pm.

Wait List

Registration for the wait list will be available online from February 6th through March 31st.

Season Dates and Times

The season will run from April 14th through June 9th. Games can run from 8:15am - 3:30pm. The boys divisions will have the earlier games with the girls games following.

Length of Games

U5 Girls and Boys - 7 minute quarters (4v4 no goalie)
U6 Girls and Boys – 8 minute quarters (5v5 with a goalie)
U7 Girls and Boys – 10 minute quarters (5v5 with a goalie)
U8 Girls and Boys – 10 minute quarters (5v5 with a goalie)
U10 Girls and Boys - 12 minute quarters (7v7 with a goalie)
U12 Girls and Boys and U14 Girls - 30 minute halves (9v9 with a goalie)
U14 Boys – 30min halves (11v11 with a goalie)


PSA will provide a jersey that the player will keep at the end of the season. Players are required to wear black shorts, black socks and shin guards. Soccer cleats (no front toe cleat) or gym shoes are to be worn. For player safety, unprotected eyeglasses may not be worn. Players may either wear prescription sports goggles or sports goggles over glasses. The wearing of jewelry (earrings, rings, necklaces, watches…), hard casts and any items deemed harmful by the referees are strictly prohibited during games.

Refund Policy

There is a $20 non-refundable fee from the time of registration through March 5th. Half of the registrationn fee ($60) will be refunded from March 6th through April 14th. Once games begin on April 14th, there will not be any refunds issued.

Age Requirements

Children must have turned 4 years old prior to August 1, 2011 but not older than 13 years of age on July 31, 2011. Our league is divided into the following divisions based on the age of your child as of July 31, 2011.

Division - Age - Born Between
U5 Boys or Girls - 4 years old - 8/1/06 through 7/31/07
U6 Boys or Girls - 5 years old - 8/1/05 through 7/31/06
U7 Boys or Girls - 6 years old - 8/1/04 through 7/31/05
U8 Boys or Girls - 7 years old - 8/1/03 through 7/31/04
U10 Boys or Girls - 8 or 9 years old - 8/1/01 through 7/31/03
U12 Boys or Girls - 10 or 11 years old - 8/1/99 through 7/31/01
U14 Boys or Girls - 12 or 13 years old - 8/1/97 through 7/31/99

Your child’s coach will contact your by phone or email before the season starts. PSA cannot guarantee the placement of your child on a specific team, unless you volunteer and are chosen to coach a team.

PSA is a volunteer run association. Please come and join in on the fun of providing a quality soccer program for the youth of our community.

To Register for the Spring 2012 Recreation program, please click here!